Optimize the balance between training load and recovery.

TrimBite® will help you understand patterns of fatigue post training and game - and enable the implementation of strategies that maximize training effectiveness, recovery and prevent injuries.

Monitor team status

Monitor fatigue, muscle soreness and other health related metrics using periodical self assessments. Research has shown that morning-measured ratings of fatigue is more sensitive than HR-derived indices to the daily fluctuations in session load experienced by elite soccer players.

Platform for communication

TrimBite® will help you keep in contact with your team members, give them feedback and ensure they are up to date on the training schedule.

Manage your calendar

Keep track of your training sessions, games and other appointments using an easy to use calendar that is instantly accessible by the participants. Create individual training sessions and keep track of each members attendance.

Powerful analysis

Analyze and get a complete understanding of how each individual team member responds to training sessions and games. Get access to information such as total time loss caused by injuries.

Accessible everywhere

TrimBite® is accessible on your mobile phone and your desktop computer. Windows, MAC, iPhone, Android... no problem.


Communication is secured over the internet using 256-bit SSL encryption, the same encryption used by many banking services. Our servers are hosted in an ISO9001 certified environment with strict limitation on data access.

What do our customers say?

Hear what Linköpings FC, winner of 2016 womens swedish national football league, have to say.